Robbin' the Hood 2LP

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Robbin' The Hood Double LP Tracklist

Side A

  1. Waiting For Bud
  2. Steady B Loop Dub
  3. Raleigh Solilquy Pt. I
  4. Pool Shark (Orig.)
  5. Steppin' Razor
  6. Greatest-hits

Side B

  1. Free Loop Dub / Q-Ball
  2. Saw Red
  3. Work That We Do
  4. Lincoln Highway Dub
  5. Pool Shark (Acoustic)

Side C

  1. Cisco Kid
  2. Raleigh Solilquy Pt. II
  3. STP
  4. Boss D.J.

Side D

  1. I Don’t Care Too Much For Reggae Dub
  2. Falling Idols
  3. All You Need
  4. Freeway Time In A LA County Jail
  5. Mary
  6. Raleigh Solilquy Pt. III


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